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Tideway Roots Blower series are modern compact blowers developed based on years of experiences and researching. The new 3-lobe roots blowers are known as Rotary Blowers or can be used as a vacuum pump. The state-of-the-art design enables the blower package to perform high efficiency at substantial low noise and vibration. The high energy effective and low noise Performance is the most environment-friendly blower, they are developed along the growth of the demand of the modern world. Tideway Roots Blowers do not require lubrication in the interior compression air chamber, thus eliminating possible pollution and contamination to the conveying medium. Hence, it can be used on a very delicate job such as clean air transportation, water aeration, powder conveying, dehumidifying, mixing etc.


Compared to conventional 2-lobe Roots Blower, the 3-lobe Roots Blower contributes the following merits:

• More stable and uniform airflow
• Lower pulsation and capacity loss
• Lower vibration and noise
• Higher torsion rigidity
• Less rotation slip, blower speed can be reduced at the same capacity request
• Lower energy consumption

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