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Morris Couplings provide an economical connecting method of joining conveying pipes together. The Morris Coupling range is serving the pneumatic conveying industry with a complete line of precision quality coupling and tubing products. They can be used in both pressure and vacuum applications. Installation usually requires no special preparation of the pipe ends. Only de-burring, removing of any scale and degreasing of the portion of the tube to be clamped.

Compression Couplings

The ‘Original’ Morris compression coupling designed to join pipe and tubing for pneumatic conveying systems.


  • Easy to install
  • Pipe and tube size 12 mm through 1220 mm
  • Standard construction is Galvanized Steel
  • Also available in Stainless Steel and Aluminum
  • Gasket materials: Black and White Neoprene, Silicone, and others Static conductive grounding strip is standard

Gasket Protectors

Provide positive gasket protection against abrasion or erosion in pneumatic conveying systems.


  • Costly downtime
  • Frequent gasket replacement
  • Gasket being drawn into the pipeline
  • Product contamination

Pneumatic Bends

Short and Long Radius Bends for pneumatic and vacuum conveying systems and readily available from stock in a variety of materials, wall thicknesses are centerline radius.

  • Available in Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Carbon and Galvanized Steel
  • Size ranges from 1″ O.D. through 12″ IPS
  • Standard wall thickness:
  • Tubing – 16, 14, 11 gauge
  • Pipe – 5, 10, 40 schedule
  • Other wall thicknesses available upon request

Side-Band Compression Couplings

Maximum holding power to connect pipe and tubing.
Unique design with:

  • The improved axial force holding power
  • Dual-locking side-bands and two one-piece longitudinal bars to withstand end pull
  • Higher operating pressure
  • Size ranges from 50 mm O.D. through 610 mm O.D. pipe or tubing sizes.

Quickon II Single and Dual Couplers

Quick and efficient installation or removal of pneumatic and vacuum conveying lines or systems with a twist of the wrist. No tools required.

Applications provides:

  • Fast takedown and reassembly of lines
  • Reduced coupler weight
  • All Stainless Steel construction
  • Sizes range from 38 mm through 324 mm O.D. in standard 101 mm lengths; Dual Quickons are 241 mm long
  • Standard gasket is food-grade gum rubber; silicone is also available sizes

In-line Sight Glasses

Provide a 360° full-view window to observe material flowing through pneumatic or vacuum conveying lines.


  • Direct in-line mounting
  • Smooth ‘straight-through’ design
  • Permanently attached grounding strip eliminates static electricity build-up
  • A wide range of sizes with Aluminum of Stainless Steel Ends
  • Clear acrylic view segment is standard: Glass

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