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Bin Discharger design consists of an internal cone-shaped baffle which is attached to the body rigidly by means of structural member. The unit is suspended by means of hanger bolts from the top of hopper or silo to which it is attached.
Bin Discharger moves horizontally in response to centrifugal forces generated by the unbalanced weights of an attached vibrator. The cone baffle relieves the weight of the material from the lower section of the bin discharger and acts like a wedge as it moves beneath the material and pushes it in all directions adjacent to the cone surfaces. This powerful force is also transmitted to the material in the upper portion of the bin as the motion is carried from particle to particle.


  • A wide range of sizes from 600mm to 2500mm
  • Endless, durable flexible sleeve, FDA Approved, single piece construction
  • Hanger bolts with silent blocks to absorb vibration and prevent vibration¬†from being transmitted to top hopper
  • High-quality vibratory motors
  • Available in Carbon Steel and Stainless Steel material
  • Very easy to install at the site
  • Bottom hopper with demountable feature available upon request


Bin Dischargers are used for breaking the bridges and rat holes in bulk solids stored in silos while taking them out from the bottom of silos and big hoppers.

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